What trade agreements are in place between the UK and Turkey and how do they benefit me?

The UK is no longer part of the EU – Turkey Customs Union, meaning the requirements for British trade with Turkey have changed radically. There is a Free Trade Agreement, regulating UK and Turkish trade with preferential import tariff arrangements for goods originating in either country. This has led to increased opportunities for businesses in both the UK and Turkey, and is something that Turkishlinks is well placed to help you capitalise on.

How do Turkishlinks source the right buyer/supplier for me?

Turkishlinks has a list of trusted Turkish and UK’s businesses who we have developed strong working relationships with. We will consult with you before any commitment is made, to ensure that you are happy with the suggestion.

What are the best goods for me to import/export?

It is important market information is gathered and you understand the commodity within the market place.  Turkishlinks are able to give you advice and guidance on what to look for and find you the most cost effective solution.


Can Turkishlinks handle my delivery from end to end?

Turkishlinks can manage the entire process, arranging collection and export clearance, tracking your cargo, pre-clearing before arrival, arranging collection from the port or airport and booking the final delivery.

Why do the freight rates change from one shipment to the next?

The cost of transporting your goods will vary depending to the time of year you are shipping, and any changes in fuel charges will also apply. Turkishlinks are able to negotiate and source the most cost effective transport solution for you, saving you time and money.

What merchandise is considered “Dangerous Goods”?

Dangerous Goods are hazardous materials that could present a potential hazard to human health and safety. Turkishlinks will advise on what goods can be transported to make sure your business is following international shipping regulations.

What happens if the goods we have purchased are damaged or lost in transit?

In the event that damage or loss occurs to goods whilst in transit, there is a process that has to be adhered to in order to make an insurance claim. This can be a lengthy, time consuming process for new importers and one that Turkishlinks can help with – saving you time and stress.


What paperwork will Customs need to clear my goods?

The paperwork required will depend on how the goods are being transported, but will usually consist of a transit document that has accompanied your goods. Customs will need to know what the goods are, and how much they are worth. Turkishlinks can help you navigate this vital aspect of international distribution and help you avoid any delays or fines as a result of mismanagement.

What are Turkey’s import tariffs and taxes?

Within the free trade zones, goods can be imported free of duty, assembled, manufactured, stored, repackaged, and re-exported with no tariffs.
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